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RE: banshee squealing on 89 200

>     My '89 200 has taken to big time squealing upon startup and first
>     couple of minutes.  I have checked all the belt tensions
>     and they seem reasonable.  The noise sounds like the air
>     conditioner compressor.  However, I can not toggle it off
>     always by turning off the climate control.  It happens
>     on turns too sometimes or from startup at a stoplight.
>     All new belts were installed this past spring including
>     timing.  Any thoughts on what is squealing?  I have listened
>     with the hood up numerous times trying to sort out the source.
>     Is this the failure mode for ac compressor bearings?
>     Thanks in advance for your help.
>     Bill

Hi Bill,

	It could be that your central hydraulic pump's front seal is leaking at
night and depositing a small amount of Pentosin on its drive belt. This could
take a bit of time to "burn-off" after morning startup. Check to see if any of
your relatively new belts have a shiny/glazed appearance where they contact the
pulleys. I had this problem last Fall/Winter but it was from the coolant line
to the turbo (to the left of the CHP, banjo fitting from coolant neck on head)
leaking at shutdown and causing a small puddle of coolant that would spill onto
my belt during braking and turning. So check that lil' hose there also.



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