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The gods can be cruel!!

Hi audinauts,

	Why, you may ask, are you still at the Uni. this late at night, Shef.
Will, let me tell ya. Yesterday I drove to the "Shrine at Concord" or was it
the "Oracle at Bow" (NH) where I made a monetary offering to the Audi
gods(bought a set 4 wheels off Stott for dedicated snow tires) and received the
blessing of one of the gods own priests(Chris gave me a spare cam cover as I
want to get mine hot-jet coated). When I arrived at the Shrine High priest
Chris was making a sacrifice that another lister's Audi might live again. He
was removing and preparing a Q tranny from a wrecked '89 200 for shipment to
one of our own whose tranny lost the faith. I also found that Chris could have
done the same deal on F5DPOR's that the guy in AutoWeek did, but he refuses to
"spam" the list that he can do great things on the prices of Bosch stuff for us
listers...you'll get my Bosch in the future, Chris:-) I'd like to say: "all
disclaimers apply" and they do, but I sure some curmudgeon(sp?) will flame
back:"but he gave you a cam cover!" and this is true, but he didn't have to as
I was willing to buy it; Chris just refused my second offering of the day. It
was a nice 2.5 hour drive each way; and after returning when sailing/drinking
with some students and watch a great eclipse of the moon. Yesterday was great!

	I really felt I had the gods on my side; so today I went to install my
nice new F5DPOR's from the other source, as they had arrived in a timely
manner. Here's the part about grit around sparkplugs! Loosened all 5 plugs
about halfway, dragged out the ol' Sear's aircompressor and applied 100psi
around all the plugs(wearing proper eye protection, sorta), then finished
removing one at a time my almost 4 year old Nippon Denso platinums. Each old
plug was cleaned and regapped to become the new set of spares I keep in the
trunk. It is good that I have this strange practice, because after I'd
"never-seized" and finger tighten all the plugs, then carefully torqued them
into place I found that my stock Audi plug wires wouldn't fit over them. No,
I'd remembered to remove the funny snap on barrels so the threads were exposed.
It seems that F5DPOR's are about 1/4" shorter than the standard plug and the
metal shells around my 1K ohm wires just wouldn't let the grabby part of the
inside grab the threaded part of the plug or the rubber insulator to seal
around the ceramic insulators on the plugs. So...the 5 nice new F5DPOR's where
carefully removed and returned to their boxes and the ol' cleaned and regapped
Nippon Densos that had provided 27k miles of problem free sparking are once
again soldiering on without complaint...On the bright side the color on the old
plugs was a nice uniform light tan, and was the same on all 5. Is everyone else
out there running F5DPOR's using aftermarket wires, or have I got a bizarre set
of F5DPOR's or a weird set stock wires??? They are interesting looking plugs
and they do use the smallest size plug socket I keep as opposed to the standard
socket the Nippon Densos use. If it hadn't been almost dark I would have tried
forcing the rubber down inside the metal shells on the plug ends, but I think
they are molded together and the metal shells pressed on. It looks like tin
snips will have to be used on the bottoms of the metal shells. The wires are
fairly new and in great shape; I don't want to have to replace 'em. What have
the rest of you F5DPOR users done??

	My apologies for the BW, but those gods have a cruel sense of humour:-(

			Have a nice weekend all,
						Happy motoring,


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