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RE: TIRE UPGRADE, Coupe Quattro (1990)

I'd be careful of the H&Rs, they list a lowering of 40mm (p/n 29895,
which is probably tons too much) for the Type 89 Coupe, or 25mm (p/n
29658-2) for the 90Q Type 89 with sport suspension (which our CQs have,
I believe), and are reputed to be kind of soft to be so low.

Eibach lists a Pro Kit for the 80/90 Q (p/n 1510.140) that lowers the
car by 1". Anyone out there have an opinion on H&R vs. Eibach?

I think you should be OK with 215/60 or 225/50, but no wider. 215/50
would be too small diameter (which, given the necessity of fairly high
RPMs for a given speed is probably *not* what you want), 215/60 would be
a little tall, but not a lot. 225/50 is about the right diameter to keep
the speedo on, and there are a fair number of tires available in that
size. Check http://www.tirerack.com to see what is available. I would
look closely at the Dunlop SP8000 or D40M2, the BFG Comp/TA ZR or the
Conti CZ91. HTH.


Ian Duff, 1990 Coupe quattro 20v, Red/Black

Home: New Bedford, MA, USA
Work: Charter Systems, Inc., Waltham, MA, USA

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>Subject: 	TIRE UPGRADE, Coupe Quattro (1990)
>Can I put wider/low profile tires on my Speedlines?  
>I have now seen more than one example of someone jumping from 205's to
>I would even be happy with 215's at this point.  Don't have the cash
>for a
>wheel upgrade.
>So- What can I throw on there that will work?  225/55 15's?
>Any help is appreciated.
>(PS- I think I will be getting a Koni H&R upgrade within the month. 
>keep you posted)