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RE: N.E. Listers Gathering

I'm up for it, preferably after the leaf peepers, and as long as we can
modify the route to include Bear Notch Road at the eastern end...


Ian Duff, 1990 Coupe quattro 20v, Red/Black

Home: New Bedford, MA, USA
Work: Charter Systems, Inc., Waltham, MA, USA

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>Sent: 	Wednesday, 02 October, 1996 09:05 AM
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>Subject: 	N.E. Listers Gathering
>   Fellow Audi Enthusiasts, 
>   I put this before you for your thoughtful introspection.  There
>in another place and time (from NYC at least), a road.  It is known to
>locals an the "Kanc", so named after a local indian chief whose
>warrior spirit still inhabits this lovely twisty ~30 miles strech of
>begging to be driven (in an Audi) asphalt. Anyone whose "driven" it
>irts worth the trip, if you haven't, ask someone who has.  It is here
>the story that we enter the "Audi Zone". 
>    It is my intention to join in a procession of certain like minded
>automobiles, and their owners (read any Audi) in a 60 mile procession
>about Manchester N.H. to this fabled stretch of road till its terminus
>reached in North Conway N.H..  The date for this trespass into the
>Zone" is open, I put it to you that sooner rather then later is better.
>Oct - early Nov?  Departure time needs to be planned to avoid to many
>peepers, though I suspect peak is now   
>    I proffer Manchester NH because that where my TQC is but further,
>is is
>very central to all North NE states not to mention Ma and CT to
>gas is cheap).  I would like to invite all Audi owners with a special
>to you Q & TQC owners out there.  I often say that I think NH has the
>TQCs east of the Mississippi, this could be a chance to prove it. 
>I know who you are! Chris S, Chris S x2, Rich, Bryan, RDH, Bill B, Glen
>   The plan is in  its infancy, indeed my car has an iffy radiator, no
>headlights and more CV grease on my wheel than in the boot.  But I
>want to do something of this nature. ( I am a muckraker, not and
> therefor any and all suggestions are welcome.  Lets get in on the fun
>other clubs are having, if it goes well we can do another more thought
>one in the spring. 
>Let me know! 
>Mike d 212 596-1675 e 203-625-8374