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RE: Brake Replacement Time

Try Best Price (800.636.0854) for rotors and ss lines. They quoted me
$115 each for drilled Brembo front rotors, $90 each for drilled Brembo
rear rotors, and $65 for ss lines for my 1990 Coupe quattro. $410 for
four Brembo rotors is a *little* better than the proctologist who quoted
you $450 for OEM stuff. Check around for pads, rumor on the list is that
MetalMasters suck, backed up by a recent brake pad test (on a
Joltswagen) in european car. $150 for OEM pads also seems high.


Ian Duff, 1990 Coupe quattro 20v, Red/Black

Home: New Bedford, MA, USA
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>A question for fellow q-listers:
>Well, I guess it had to happen.  After three years of full warranty
>coverage, the Audi Gods are demanding their first sacrifice.  After
>getting the 90Q out of summer storage several weeks ago, I noticed a
>less-than-subtle pulsation in the brakes.  The local Audi service
>manager indicates that the front rotors and pads have rusted
>sufficiently to pit the metal and reduce braking effectiveness (the
>rears seem to be okay).  Cost of replacement is approximately $700 (OE
>rotors are about $450; pads $150; balance is labor).  I guess this is
>retribution for using the car primarily as my winter driver the past
>three years.  I recently sold my 1984 4000s (240K miles), so the 90Q is
>now full duty.  My question is whether to pay for the manufacturer's
>brakes and pads or go aftermarket (e.g., Brembo, Pagid, etc.).  I
>checked the archives for later-model 90Q brake experience and
>recommendations but didn't find much on the subject.  Any help and
>advice, including recommended sources, would be greatly appreciated. 
>(I'm on the digest list, but not the regular q-list.)
>Mike Thomas
>1993 90CSQuattro Sport
>1984 4000s (sold in August)
>1992 Mitsubishi Expo Sport AWD