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Re: Speed trap

In a message dated 96-10-06 13:12:33 EDT, smullen@philly.infi.net (Shaun
Mullen) writes:

<< Department of What It's Worth: Word is the windshield glass in the A8s
 due stateside this month and next generation A6 do not allow the use of
 dash-mounted radar detectors. >>

Well, sort of, sometimes.
The A8 has (n the U.S.) an optionally available insulated glass that is
comprised of two glass layers bonded by a plastic sheet.  The inside surface
of the outside layer of glass has a vacuum metalized layer to reflect
ultraviolet radiation.  This layer also reduces the capability of interior
mounted radar detectors and hand-held cellular phones.  The effect is very
similar to the electrically heated windshields that Ford has used on a number
of cars in the last several years.  However, on Audis so equipped, all of the
window glass is of this construction.

So, the hot tip is to use an external mount for the radar detector antenna
and the telephone antenna; or don't check the box for the insulated glass