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Re: Is the Porsche 924 really an Audi?

In a message dated 96-10-05 22:36:37 EDT, jknittle@sundown.sdsu.edu (SDSU)

<< the engine in the Porsche 924 was derived
 from an Audi truck engine >>

It was a derivative of the 100LS engine family, I believe.  That whole engine
line was later sold to AMC.

<<did Audi and/or VW share any engine designs with Chrysler? >>

The original (they weren't actually very original, but ...) Omni and Horizon
hatchbacks used a 1.7L version of the VW 827 engine family; aka the
Golf/Rabbit/Jetta engine family of that time period.  I think that chrysler
bought the manual gearboxes from VW as well.

The 924 was also built by Audi at its Neckarsulm factory.