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My antenna won't stay down...watchit there Bob D'A ;-\

Greetings fellow/fella Audinauts,

       Anyone seen this one before: I come out to my car, the antenna is up but
the radio is off. Huummm thinks I, this is strange. Turn on the radio the
antenna makes noises like it going up but it's already up. Turn off radio and
the antenna goes down...OK. Start car and go to drive away and hear the antenna
going up again...radio is still off. Cycle radio and antenna goes down again.
Drive to my sister's house, stay a couple of hours come out and the durn
antenna's up again. Drive to the university get out of the car, close the door
and right in front of me the antenna goes up again. Now, I know there is
probably a short somewhere, but do y'all think it's in the radio itself or in
the wiring somewhere?? After poking around for a while I also determined that
the rear driver's side(US) speaker appears to be dead. Have any of you seen
this one before?

TIA and happy motoring,


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