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Sunday's offerings in RI and Turbo/HI-Per mag. has dump valve arti.

Hi Gang,

	Sorry these are a bit late, but I wasn't in the office on monday and
forgot the paper on tuesday...here goes:

	AUDI: 1987 5000 CS Turbo Quattro. 4 dr, 5 speed, 1 meticulous owner,
	      loaded, service records, high mi, flawless $2750. 401-247-4518
		(this one was in last week's paper also)

	AUDI: 1993 S4 Quattro. Rare find, 47,000mi. 5 speed, dark green
  	      metallic/ecru leather, 227 bhp, turbo charged. Executive car with
	      every possible feature including hands-free cell phone, Bose
	      music system, 10 CD changer, climate control. Impeccable!
	      $29,450. 401-726-3377

       	AUDI - Quattro 1993 100 CS Showroom condition. $23,995! Import Auto

These are as they are written except for the note in (). There is also a '86
5KCS bunged up for $800.00, but it doesn't say whether it is a turbo or quattro
or just a CS that number for anyone interested is 401-232-3489.

	I got the new Turbo and Hi-tech performance mag last night and it has a
good article on "dump" valves, they call 'em "blow-off" valves. Good call,
Scott:-) I find this a very interesting mag., but they hardly ever mention our
favorite marque. Most of their articles are devoted to 'murican and Nipponese
iron; always turbo'd, supercharged and/or nitrous oxided. They do slide in the
rare P-car and a few months ago there was a short article singing the praises
of the S6 Avant.

						Happy motoring,


Drive fast, take chances, get there sooner!!  Only kiddin' :-)

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