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Re: Rebirth of old law

You are damned lucky.......that's all I can say...

On Mon, 7 Oct 1996, Donald Eastlake wrote:

> I don't know how wierd this is, but I've never been pulled over, never. And the 
> top speed I've had the 90Q at was 105mi, and the top speed I had my mom's subaru 
> at was 120mi... So I might not have such a good prespective on the world of 
> traffic court.
> --Donald
> 88 90Q
> kingtut@pothole.com
> > 
> > I agree, the suspension of license shouldn't be "automatic" (whatever that
> > means) but should follow due process, in other words.. no conviction then no
> > suspension. As a veteran of unfair police practices, I've learned quite a bit
> > about the way traffic courts work. In essence, the speed enforcement program 
> is
> > simply put.. a way to generate revenue for state and local municipalities. If
> > you challenge your ticket, being exacting and methodical from the moment you
> > got your ticket regarding the particulars of the "violation" and give a
> > plausable reason why the cop is mistaken, (without being arrogant).. 
> > you can essentially walk away from it. They'll still nail you on that BS Court
> > fee, but that's the system. 
> > Of course, there are very few acceptable excuses for speeding, so don't try to
> > give a reason. The best way to approach traffic court is with the doctrine 
> that
> > you weren't speeding at all. I strongly suggest that everyone out there pick 
> up
> > a book written by a retired NY State trooper titled "How to avoid Traffic
> > Tickets." I believe his name was Egan. He's now a judge I think. The book
> > proved more valuable than CB Radios and Radar detectors. It's written in
> > easy to understand-simple english, and is full of funny acecdotes. The book
> > worked for me. Since I read it.. 0 speeding convictions. All it took was one
> > $175 punch to the wallet for me. Plus.. it's only something like five clams.
> > The book is written so simply that it's almost like reading the "Readers
> > Digest." I read it in one evening.
> >                                -Osman Parvez
> >                                 89 200q
> >                                 Siena College
> >                                 Albany NY
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