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Re: Help! Teenage Driver Training

Try SCCA's speed freaks program......honestly, that's what it's
called.......here's a phone number of someone who can tell you about
it...860-523-9252.....ask for Karen Petersen.......

On Tue, 8 Oct 1996, Haley, Doug wrote:

> "Al Powell" <APOWELL@agcom.tamu.edu> wrote:
> >I'm gonna send my girls to a Skippy school or some such when they get
> >their licenses.  Only question is - do I let them drive for a year
> >first, to get the feel of the cars - or send 'em RIGHT away?
> So last weekend was my daughter's 16th birthday.  Sweet sixteen and... (I 
> don't want to know).  Actually, I feel that having a  teenage daughter is 
> kinda like fattening the sheep for the wolves...
> So, anyway, my problem.  She suffers from the usual hormonally induced 
> partial lobotomy of teenagers, and thus will undoubtably only learn the 
> mechanics of driving without internalizing the parental experience base.  In 
> other words, she won't learn a damn thing.
> In an effort to ensure the continuation of my genetic strain, I'd like to 
> send her to a high-performance driving school.  Bondurant's web page lists a 
> teen course.  Skip Barber is a lot more convenient for me here in 
> Connecticut.  I'm sure there are other alternatives (my wife and I had a 
> blast last year at the Jean Paul Luc Ice Driving School in Steamboat).  Has 
> anyone any direct personal experience with a great school that would work 
> for a non-racer sweet young thing?  Looking for raves/pans/anecdotes and a 
> warm feeling that I'm not wasting my money.  Cost is trivial compared to her 
> life.  What's the best choice?
> Thanks in Advance!
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