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Re: D60A2s

I decided to lower the pressure of my Dunlop D60A2s back to 36 psi after 
hearing all these horror stories about sidewall blow out on D60A2s ;) 
Yes, I chickened out risking blow out on my D60A2s :) I just don't want 
to to have 4 blow out on me plus ruining 4 perfectly good rims. They do 
handle differently at 36 psi when compared to 40 psi. I think the ride is 
actually harsher at 36 psi when compared to 40 psi. There is more grip at 
the lower pressure but less responsive. 

Well I guess winter is here, so the lower pressure is probably good for 
wet traction. I did have some wheelspin at 40 psi on wet pavement but 
none at 36 psi. I maybe tempted to go up about 1 to 2 psi because of the 
ride harshness at 36 psi. 

Talking about all season tires, did anyone try the Yokohama AVS S4-Z/V 
yet? They have some very interesting looking tread pattern plus they are mud 
and snow rated. Also I notice the Nitto NT 450 V-rated tires are also very 
interesting looking too. The Nitto and the Yokohama both very similar 
looking tread pattern. Actually they both have very similar looking tread 
pattern like the Pirelli P7000 supersport and Firestone SZ50. 

Anthony Chan, First Hill, Seattle, WA, USA.
92' 100 V6 Tornado Red.