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Re: Tire Tip

In a message dated 96-10-13 20:45:18 EDT, you write:

 Well, to get the point, I should have checked the
 pressures when I got home that day because when I finally did 2 days later,
 all the tires were inflated to almost 55psi, yes, 55psi!!  

Tire Rack is correct - no big deal - just let a little air out.  Tire
installers usually overfill the tire just to set the bead.  Then they let the
air out but maybe not in your case.  However,  the more I think about this if
you had 4 tires at exactly 55 lbs their gauge (Goodyear) is probably broken.

Personally I'm happy if they do not scarf up the rims and if the tire doesn't
spin on the rim too much when I take it to the track.  If you autocross or
take your car to a track try this - put a dot of white shoe polish on the
sidewall of the tire next to the valve stem.  At the end of the day see how
far the dot has traveled - on my 911 they'd walk 6 inches - makes you really
want to spend dollars in getting your tires balanced.