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Re: ur-quattro

..>From: quk@sievers.com (Phil Payne)
..>Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 23:42:25 GMT
..>> Does Audi Still make a Ur-quattro?
..>No.  Stopped in 1991.
..>> If so what does it look like? Is it just a coupe quattro like the one they
..>> had in the states in the early 90's with a turbo?  Or does it have the
..>> older body style?
..>It looks like (but isn't) a 1980 4000 coupe with flared arches.  There are, 
..>however,  more detailed differences than similarities.
..>It was once described as having the aerodynamics of a housebrick.

the [lack of] aerodynamics are the most obvious detractions of the ur-quattro when
compared to the s2/s4/s6 etc.

there are compensations though.  like me on the weekend on a 2 hour drive over windy 
hill roads in the wet taking signposted 45 km/hr corners at 95 km/hr and putting the thing
the odd time into nice 4 wheel drifts.  then the noise is part of the fun.  you definitely
have the stereo off for this sort of driving.  absolutely fantastic car for driving hard...

the ur-q was (and still is) one of the 2 cars audi have made which are classics. the
basic shape didn't change significantly from the 1980 geneva motor show until people 
stopped buying them in 1991.

basic configuration, awd (quattro), turbo in-line 5 cylinder putting out 200-220hp. flared
wheel arches, adjustable suspension, lower suspension, and wider track and digital dash.
the other dead give-away with ur-quattro's are the drivers.  usually driven by a hoon with
a maniacal grin and a contempt for what others perceive to be normal road behaviour...

'93 s2
'90 ur-q