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Re: ur-quattro


> ..>It was once described as having the aerodynamics of a housebrick.
> ..>
> the [lack of] aerodynamics are the most obvious detractions of the ur-quattro when
> compared to the s2/s4/s6 etc.

... but then Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ... I prefer the urQ's looks.
> the ur-q was (and still is) one of the 2 cars audi have made which are classics. the
> basic shape didn't change significantly from the 1980 geneva motor show until people 
> stopped buying them in 1991.

I'd be interested in hearing what car you think the other classic would be ...
> basic configuration, awd (quattro), turbo in-line 5 cylinder putting out 200-220hp. flared
> wheel arches, adjustable suspension, lower suspension, and wider track and digital dash.
> the other dead give-away with ur-quattro's are the drivers.  usually driven by a hoon with
> a maniacal grin and a contempt for what others perceive to be normal road behaviour...
... wish I had the adjustable suspension and 20v motor,  but I still get the 
grin! ;-)  AAMOF, the other day I had an opportunity to drive the urQ on an 
unpaved stretch in a construction zone ... the car got REAL dusty, but I had
the biggest grin I've had in a while!

As Michelle Mouton says in one of the Audi videos, one of the things that she 
misses most is the "noise" ... the sound of that 5-cyl motor doing what is was 
meant to do.  I never miss it :-)

... I think it's time to go out for a drive!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)