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Audi pronunciation

(This too appears to have been previously lost in a bit bucket.)

Dan says:

>Subject: Re: The Origins of Audi

>>In the interest of historical accuracy, please note that it was 
August Horch who founded the company which began producing Horch 
automobiles early this century.  Herr Horch subsequently left (or was 
forced out of the company he created. However, his interest in 
automobile  manufacturing remained unabated.  He formed a new company 
called Audi which is Latin for "to listen" (or "to hear," I forget 
exactly which). "Horch" in German means much the same thing.  The two 
companies later fell under the same corporate umbrella that was Auto 

>Correct.  I forget where I read this, but the reason they chose 
>"audi" was to give the company a softer, non-German image in 
>post WWII commerce.  I'll have to dig up the reference.

>Which raises a good point - here we go with a big discussion, but 
>let's settle it once and for all...

>I call the company OW-DEE (rhymes with howdy). 
>Some people call it AWE-DEE (rhymes with haughty)
>Given the origin of the name from Latin, and that the word 
>"audio" has the same origins, perhaps the latter pronunciation >is 
more correct, though less common?

>Donning nomex...

>| Dan |

Audio means "I hear."  Audi means "Hear!" or perhaps, "You vill hear 
and you vill enjoy it!"  (with apologies to any offended by Cinema 
caricatures of German prison guards)  Dan:  I agree with your premise 
but not your conclusion.  If I recall my Latin, the pronunciation 
OW-DEE is closer to the taught (1957) classical Latin, than our 
present AWE-DEE-O

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