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Re: Audi pronunciation

At 21.37 25/10/96 -4000, KSMITH1@mailgw.sanders.lockheed.com wrote:

>Audio means "I hear."  Audi means "Hear!" or perhaps, "You vill hear 
>and you vill enjoy it!"  (with apologies to any offended by Cinema 
>caricatures of German prison guards)  Dan:  I agree with your premise 
>but not your conclusion.  If I recall my Latin, the pronunciation 
>OW-DEE is closer to the taught (1957) classical Latin, than our 
>present AWE-DEE-O

May I put my 2 cents in? Being Italian I should know a bit of Latin :-)

You're ABSOLUTELY right. The correct pronunciation of Audi (from Latin
"audire" = to hear) is OW-DEE in both Latin and German.

Silvio Gordiani
'96 A4 1.8