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Re: 5k cstq -- jumped timing??

In a message dated 96-11-01 10:09:53 EST, you write:

<<  TDC, I think (my cam pully does not have a dot on it but has a line..
      the outboard face has a dot which doesn't seem to line up with
      anything) and the flywheel indicates I'm off by a few degrees (again I
      did not find a "0" mark on the flywheel but found another line..is
      this correct?).  The belt was not missing any teeth and the tension
      seemed ok.
      Anybody ever have this experience?? I just want to doublecheck before
      I go through the pain of a timing belt change to not have it be the
      problem.  Did I miss anything??????
There is a zero there.....  You smack that zero dead center in the trapezoid
window...  At that point you should see the inner and outer marks of the
distributor line up to tdc (dist tdc), and follow the top of the cam cover to
either a dot (indentation) or a line (I've seen either, depending on gear
supplier I would guess).....  If the car runs, sounds like you can get tdc
easily by lining up the dist marks....  If you are too far out, no start (or
2312 code)...  So line up the dist and start looking for the "0" mark on the
flywheel, then ck the cam....  If you end up moving the belt, the dist will
need to be adjusted back to tdc too..  If you found the line, not the "0"
turn the flywheel another 30degrees (engine rotation - clockwise looking at
car from front) to find "0"
At that point, double ck the dist wire.....  Just above the front dist clip
(CCW) is TDC =#1, the firing order is 1-2-4-5-3 (CW)