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5k cstq -- jumped timing??

     Gentlemen of infinite wisdom-

     Went out to start my Q the other day and noticed that it idled
     terribly and only registered 10 in of vacuum on my mechanical gage.
     The misfire continues through the rev range but boost level remains
     good. I did the dipstick/oil cap removal trick and the engine dies
     when the cap is removed and stumbles with the dipstick removed.

     I did all the requisite checks for vacuum leaks and came up empty.  I
     did notice that as the engine speed is raised to 2000 rpm the vacuum
     reading steadies out at 15 in..  This usually indicates timing or fuel
     problems or a manifold leak.  I checked all of that including the
     electrical stuff and all turbo hoses and breather hoses, still nothing

     The final thought was a skipped timing belt.  I set the engine up on
     TDC, I think (my cam pully does not have a dot on it but has a line..
     the outboard face has a dot which doesn't seem to line up with
     anything) and the flywheel indicates I'm off by a few degrees (again I
     did not find a "0" mark on the flywheel but found another line..is
     this correct?).  The belt was not missing any teeth and the tension
     seemed ok.

     Anybody ever have this experience?? I just want to doublecheck before
     I go through the pain of a timing belt change to not have it be the
     problem.  Did I miss anything??????

     Thanks much!!

     Brian Vinson
     Ferndale, MI
     86 5KCSTQ w/crummy idle and confused owner