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86 5KCSTQ-jumped timing update

     Thanks to all who responded to my post.  i did eventually find the TDC
     mark on the flywheel and found my timing belt off by 1 tooth.  So I
     slipped it off and rotated the cam 1 tooth and slid it back on.  Now
     the car ran great....WRONG!!!

     The adjustment did nothing to help it run better. So my last resort
     was a compression test.  The results were most interesting: Cylinders
     2-5 were within 1 psi of each other at 105 psi.  The kicker was #1
     which had a whopping 0 (yes zero) psi reading!!

     Well, this thrills me to no end.  So last night I pulled the valve
     cover off hoping to find a stuck/collapsed lifter.  Oh well,
     everything looks fine.  So I hooked up a compressed air fitting to the
     cylinder and made sure that the valves were closed and found the air
     rushing out the exhaust pipe.  Looks like a burned/bent exhaust

     So the head comes off tonight to confirm and rebuild.  I thought this
     kind of stuff didn't happen to Audis???  The engine has only 96k on it
     and has led a very easy existence.  I want to know why I cooked a
     valve.  Usually its related to ignition timing/retard.  Could my
     system be ignoring knock or not adjusting timing accordingly?  I did
     find my WOT switch to be non functioning..any suggestions??

     My usual instinct to sell a vehicle that becomes a PITA is screaming
     at me right now.  I've spent big money on suspension and wheels and
     tires (not to mention the $1000+ on a/c, fuel pump, heater core, etc).
     Unfortunately I'm past the point of no return and will fix it and
     MAYBE actually drive it this winter.  I've had the car since March and
     have only managed to put 2k miles on it!!  My ex 89 Peugeot 405 Mi16
     looks like a Toyota Tercel for reliability compared to this thing! If
     it weren't for you Q-listers like Graydon who has encouraged me a bit
     through my frustration, I would be history and would by an old Subaru
     if I want 4 wheel drive.

     Thanks again everybody. I hope the Audi gods do not rain on you as
     they do on me:-)

     Brian Vinson
     86 5KCSTQ ---very sick car with owner on the brink of homAUDIcide...