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RE: Questions about insurance claims...

> I just received a call from an acquaintance whose mint-condition '87 4kq was
> totalled last week ... the person who pulled out in front of him has Farmers
> as his insurance company and they're claiming this car (with service history
> and only 52k on it) is worth $4,100.  He says the adjuster told him there is
> no negotiation possible and the salvage will cost him $900...

Insurance company offered me $4200 on an 87 4kq w/ 140k miles ($600 of it was
salvage).  $4100 seems low to me.  If I recall, one year ago NADA for an 87 was
$5050 -- before mileage adjustment.  With 52k on the clock, your acquaintance
should be able to do better that $4100.

> Since I've successfully dealt with insurance companies before, he called and
> asked my advice about what to do ... obviously, hiring a lawyer is something
> to consider ...

IMO, most lawyers won't bite unless there's significant personal injury
involved.  A lawyer's got nothing to gain from the property damage settlement.

Just my $.02

Yes, I'm very behind in reading q-list mail.  Usually do it on the weekend, but
spent the last one replacing the motherboard in one of my home PCs.  Now that's
a PITA.  Makes fixing the Audi seem like fun!

Mark Hilbush
Baltimore, MD
87 4kq (the only one that runs right now)
94 Grand Cherokee (major things broken -- thank god for the warranty)
88 Ford Ranger (turn key -- click -- dead battery)