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  Please read if you care about the NE_USA_Q_LIST:

       The list is no more than a list of addresses that I am maintaining
  on a monthly update basis.
       The list does not "work" like the Q-LIST.
       It is no more than a list of addresses that I will make available to
  anyone who requests it for a
            good reason (social interest gatherings, local events, etc.)
       You do NOT have to be from New England, New York, Quebec, or NB or
  Nova Scotia to
            be on it!

       I will voluntarily forward any info to the NE_USA_Q-LIST for you if
       I will probably request that you handle all responses if I do the

       Hope this clears things up.............

               Paul Royal
               90 90Q20v
               87 5Ks (Human,s New lawn Ornament)
               67 SS/RS 350 Camaro (Capri Cream, Power Slide, Loaded, Slow)
               90 Suzuki VX800 (Wear a Helmet)
               88 17, Renken Elite 1700 (120 H/P I/O Merc)

          "Why is it that the fishermen that are on shore cast out to the
            and the fishermen in the boats cast towards the shore?"