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Re: Hydraulics...

David asked:

>My question is about the rebuilt rack I should buy. I'm told that you can't
>get a new one, and ZF, Audi and some Swedish company are the places that
>are rebuilding them. Carlson Audi sells ZF and Audi racks starting at $445.
>PAP used to sell ZF, but claimed quality problems and now goes with some
>un-named Swedish company (to be fair, Wayne said he could not remember the
>name, and I didn't push him on it). I'm calling Wayne back today to ask
>when they switched from ZF, but I'm interested in experiences from the
>other list members. I expect to do this one faster this time (esp. because
>I'm not doing wheel bearings and strut dampers at the same time!)
>BTW, the previous rack was $299 on special, and Wayne is giving me a slight
>break on the price of my next one.

I have replaced 2 racks on 2 cars so far.

1. On a 5000s in 1993, bought a rebuilt one @ $279 from GPR. Works well.
2. On a 200TQ 6 mos ago. This time I ordered a genuine ZF seal kit ($43.95) and 
rebuilt the rack myself. Works well so far. Rack rebuild is not as simple as, say,
a hydrolic pump, a master cylinder or a caliper rebuild, but is certainly a way to
go for a person, who is comfortable with mechanical repairs in general.

If you decide to purchase a rebuild rack, I would highly recommend GPR or IPC, 
they are a bunch of honest and knowledgable guys.
Stay away from PAP, I've dealt with them once, that was one horrible experience!

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ
in Tornado "arrest-me-officer" Red
20psi of boost

Phila, PA