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Re: Hydraulics...

> If you decide to purchase a rebuild rack, I would highly recommend GPR or IPC, 
> they are a bunch of honest and knowledgable guys.
> Stay away from PAP, I've dealt with them once, that was one horrible experience!
... to add my $0.02 ...

I am currently using a rebuilt rack I got from PAP.  They had the best price 
going at the time and the transaction was professionally done.  I was told 
that the rebuilds were done by someone other than ZF, and the company that 
did the rebuild ran the rack on a test bench to eliminate DOAs.  So far so 
good for me!

I've also dealt with IPC on other things with good results.  I've yet to 
deal with GPR, but I've heard many good things from others.  

If I were in need of a rack today I would drop Graydon a line to get the
name of his vendor that uses stainless steel sleeves for the rebuild.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)