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Re: Audi commercials (was

 qwe@wam.umd.edu writes:                                           

 HW> frugal. It was slick and the filming was cool. Compared to the local
 HW> public access T.V. quality of footage for the AoA ad. 

 HW> Thank goodness Audi has regions of devotees like us and competitive
 HW> pricing to augment the fun to drive, technologically advanced cars. If
 HW> it were for the ads alone, I think they might've ended up like Alfa and
 HW> Renault. . .gone from the market. (But that's my opinion)

     Not to mention the attitude and competence of their dealers. I
     have been to the various dealers in the Boston area, well...makes
     you wonder how they get any repeat business. Either the salesmen
     are complete dolts or snooty types who act like their doing
     you a favor to even speak with you. The ones who digress from
     this profile are usually the fast talkers who hit you with the
     "dealership fees" of $100-$300 etc. ad nauseum.

     When the new car sector of my business was hot, I used to negotiate
     and buy an average of 4 new vehicles a week, and even the Rolls
     Dealer in RI was less snooty and condescending than the local
     Audi dealer. 

     Makes me wonder whether the lights are on at AofA. The guy they
     had at the Boston Auto Show manning the Audi display this year
     was a real A-hole, acted as if the potential customers perusing
     the display vehicles were a bother. Between their attitude,
     advertisements and public perception, it's nothing short of a
     miracle AofA manages to sell any cars to the non-enthusiast
     market.  No excuse for this, especially when you consider the
     wonderful job Porsche does in the marketing and sales dept, with
     a much more limited market. Is ANYONE in Germany keeping an
     eye on the store?

     My .02's worth.


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