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  Paul_Royal@isserv9.idx.com  writes:
 > he liked it.  He stated that he didn't like the dash.  I asked him
 > why and then he started in on the "
 > red lighting" which he understood, but disliked, and then he
 > indicated that he hated the small
 > radio controls.  It is at this point that I get a cranial blip on
 > the internal screen.

  Having been in the A8Q before I bought my V8Q (a year or so ago)
  I thought the car was great, it's still a great car. BUT, now from
  the perspective (very subjective) of a V8Q owner, I
  honestly wouldn't give up my V8Q for the A8Q (all things
  being equal). At over 6ft tall, I'm used to the interior and
  physical size of the V8Q, and the A8 seems alot more cramped.
  (notice I said SEEMS, I don't know the actual dimensions.)  The
  dash IMHO of the V8Q is much more attractive than the comparatively
  puny A8 dash.  Performance wise..there is nothing to discuss, the
  A8Q makes the V8Q look like a 1200cc VW with a bad Solex. But
  honestly, I only "open" it up on rare occasions, and the V8Q has
  been adequate.
 > found the A8 to be gorgeous in the flesh, but not as imposing a look
 > as I had thought from
 > the pictures.

  I would have to agree with above statement and the previous
  comments from the UK rag on the subject of the looks. The
  car looks great...but it really doesn't have a "gotcha" to
  show the difference between it and the lesser beings produced
  by Audi.

  Before, when I first experienced the A8Q, I was seriously
  considering mortgaging the house to get one. But, after having
  owned my '90 V8Q, I'll just keep my V8Q up to snuff and I honestly
  don't see an A8Q on the horizon for me.  As for mortgaging the
  house...I've been seriously contemplating it after driving the
  Porsche AWD Turbo....



  '90 V8Q
  '84 5KS

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