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RE: Canadian Prices (Frank Sprongl)

Reminds me of a motto once attributed to Pratt & Whitney, makers of the
ultimate Turbo:

Cut to shape,
Hammer to fit,
Paint to match.

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>From: 	Sheffield Corey[SMTP:SHEF@omdc.gso.uri.edu]
>Subject: 	RE: Canadian Prices (Frank Sprongl)
>>Better to use the carpenters' rule: "Measure with a micrometer, mark
>>with a crayon, cut with an axe."  Or was it the other way around...?
>	This sounds like something the Rhode Island Carpenters Union could
>embrace. I believe their motto goes something like: "We're not very good, but
>we're slow!". This can also be applied to the service departments at many