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Mechanic needed, A4 1.8t ramblings

In my efforts to persuade my mom out of her Honda/Toyota mode into an
Audi, possibly pre-owned, I need to find a reputable mechanic in her
area.  The area in question is the South Bay area of Los Angeles,
specifically Torrance, Redondo Beach, San Pedro, or Palos Verdes. 
Unfortunatley she has found an independent Honda service shop which makes
servicing her Honda very convenient and the same probably doesn't exist
for Audi's.  Any leads would be much appreciated.

I will be home for a week at Xmas and intend to really work on her,
starting with a test drive on an A4 1.8 Turbo hopefully at Vasek Polak,
which may help me sidestep the mechanic issue.  She may be put off by the
price but I should be able to sell her on the 3-year service warranty
(they still have that don't they?)  She is in a business which would make
leasing a reasonable alternative but she'll be a tough sale either way.

Before the Honda she had a Mercedes for many years and her recollection
of that German marque is of high repair costs.  I'll need to remind her
of the $2500 transmission replacement she needed on the Honda at 65k
miles.  The Mercedes, now in my father's garage, is 23 years old with
190k or more the last I saw it and no trans repairs yet.

I would really like to see her in an A4 1.8t quattro (it'll have to be an
auto).  Then in 3 years, if she'll part with it, I'll have my next toy.
How sturdy are those 5 speed automatics anyway?  Surely they can handle
more than 150hp...    :-)

Ed Kellock        QCUSA Member #2882
Lansing, IA
91 200qw - Indigo blue, titanium leather, IA Stage 3
87 gt coupe - Alpine white, white leather, TSW Evo's