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crank pulley bolt size?Rear fogs? 5ksT

It's about time that I change the timing belt in my 5Kst. I was thinking about
doing it myself because I had it done on my old 5KS. I was wondering what is
the size of the crank pulley bolt and what exactly someone did to keep the
engine from turning during loosening/tightening. The guy that did my timing
belt before "bumped" it couple of times with the starter. I was quite uncomfy
with this. 
Tie rods: I'm stripping my old 5ks and I wanted to know what was
interchangable. Tie rtods? Are they the same left and right? Distributor? Strut
carts front?
Rear fog lights: I've seen every other turbo/quattro with both rear fogs
functional with the parking lights on and 100's separately. Thing is: mine
doesn't have them activated. I do have a plug for what I'm assuming to be the
right side only rear fog. I was wondering how I could activate it for right
side only use. If not, I'm yanking the harness out of my old 5ks for the back
up lights and wiring them in. See, if I have the existing wiring for one
already, I'd like to use it. If someone knows what I'm talking about help me.
I'd like to find where that plug leads to near the front. Arun might know
because he's got one of the same bastard cars that I have. Thanks.....
84 5ksT 60k miles

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