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engine problems

My 5ksT is still having some running problems. Now, they are getting worse. If I
hit 1.3 bar, the engine dies. It doesn't stall out, but it sputters very badly.
I have lost alot of high speed power and it is getting kind of dangerous when I
have to accelerate in traffic. I did have a loose coil wire this weekend and I
put it back in. Because of that, it just died, or it would give off black smoke
in the xhaust (I wouldn't see it, but it would stain my drive way). I'm going
to test the ignition wires today to make sure I don't have a missing cylinder
(or two!). It really does feel like it. Idling in my driveway it sounds like
it. If anyone has had the same problem please give me some suggestions. I just
had a new fuel filter put in. What about octane? For the American market, Audi
Turbos were made for 87 octane (in an Audi factory manual I have). The problem
doesn't go away with higher (UP TO 94). Suggestions?
P.S.- Once, I did see black smoke exiting the tailpipe. I was trying to sputter
up to 20 (doesn't do it all the time), so I floored it(sometimes got rid of the
problem) .I thought I was driving a Peugeot diesel....Thanks......Steve

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