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['87 4kq] Electrical problems - Power locks/back up light

Hi there,

My Audi is demanding attention lately.  First off, my back up lights aren't
working.  The bulbs and fuse are fine, checked them again this afternoon.
My guess is the switch at the tranny is bad, correct?  How difficult is it
to fix?  I would like to get it fixed so people know I am backing up when I
am in a parking lot, etc.

Problem two is an annoying one (we have to have at least one).  My power
locks work about 20% of the time, and just started acting up about two
weeks ago.  When I use the key to lock the drivers door, the other locks
don't go down, unless I either jiggle the knob inside the drivers door or
left rear door.  The lock doesn't work from the inside at all, I have to
manually lock the doors from the inside.  The other annoying thing is that
the trunk doesn't lock unless I lock it with the key.  This is a safety
issue with me, as I like to have locked doors when driving in town so
someone doesn't open it and jump in, or have the doors fly open if I happen
to roll the car, which would really suck.  I tried to take the door panel
off this afternoon, but couldn't get the panel off the top lip, what kind
of trick is there for this without damaging something expensive?  What
suggestions are there to fix this?

Thanks for the help with the above,

John Eickerman, jke@wolfenet.com              1987 Audi 4000CSquattro
Mac Tech Advisor, The MacZone - 1-800-248-0800 x3997