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Re: ['87 4kq] Electrical problems - Power locks/back up light

> Problem two is an annoying one (we have to have at least one).  My power
> locks work about 20% of the time

My car was doing this for a while.  At first, the locks didn't
work at all, so I took off the door panel and discovered that 
the electrical connector was broken, so I replaced it.
To test the wiring to the pump, jump the wires in the
connector.  Center is power, left and right and lock/unlock
or viceversa (check wiring at the pump, you'll see which is which).

Then, every so often, I would get an intermittent lock/unlock.
I took out the pump in the trunk and made sure the connectors were
seated and hoses were OK.  Playing with the pump seems to have
cured this problem, as it hasn't acted up lately.
As far as the door panel, I don't recall how to get it off but
check the Bentley, it's pretty easy.

My trunk is doing the lock/nolock thing too.  Either you have no
vacuum at the trunk lock or it's a mechanical failure.

| Dan |