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Re: Rain-X nightmare

you sed:
>> Now (eight months later) I've got the *NASTIEST* film/slime/goo
>> on my windshield. Even at mid-day, it's downright dangerous trying
>> to see through the smearing (let alone at night)...
>> I've tried glass cleaner and light (and later, heavy) scrubbing
>> with Bon Ami. No dice. This s**t just won't come off. Any one
>> have any bright ideas (besides replacing the glass or reapplying
>> the Rain-X)???
>Wow.  I was beginning to think that I was the only one in the
>world who's ever had this problem?  Can't help you, but if you
>find a solution I'd *love* to hear it!!!  Raix-X works great,
>as long as you reapply it every week or two.  But once you
>start using it, it would seem that you're stuck using it forever.

The best glass cleaner I have found is from Griot's Garage 1800-345-5789,
called glass polish.  It contains both some sort of soft abrasive and
petroleum distillates.  They claim it will remove waterspots, long a problem
on german cars.  It has worked marvellously on my 4kq, the windows have
never been cleaner. It is somewhat pricey, $12.95 + shipping, but some
things may be worth it...No promises, but this stuff sorks great for me...
>Dan Masi
>'96 A4Q
87 4kcsq alpine white/light grey cloth
QCUSA #1765
Member #47 NW Region AQC