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RE: Rain-X nightmare

I've used Rain-X for years here in the NorthWest in the winter time and not in 
the summer. I have never had any problem with smearing. Just put it on an buff 
it off. If you really want to clean the windshield of everything, try a power 
buffer with either ceriuim oxide (available at glass supply houses) or maybe a 
12,000 grit jewelers rouge. Be *very* careful. One other thing to try is 
either the cleaner Shower Power or toilet bowl cleaner - these both remove 
hard water spots (great for the side mirrors) and should get any residue off 
also. Keep them off the paint. Quick 'n' Brite might also work. As I recall 
Rain-X contains emulsified alcohol, whatever that is.

mike miller
91 200q

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Glad the list is back "up" . . .

> ====> Rain-X nightmare
> About a year ago I started using Rain-X on my windshield. I

> Now (eight months later) I've got the *NASTIEST* film/slime/goo
> on my windshield. Even at mid-day, it's downright dangerous trying
> to see through the smearing (let alone at night)... 

Must be a real treat with these great Audi lights ;-)

I've never used it--heard too many stories like this. If it's petroleum 
based, I'd try (in order) chlorine bleach, (KEEP IT OFF THE PAINT!!) 
acetone (fingernail-polish remover), gasoline (as a solvent, not an 
accelerant! ;-).

BTW, if you want to drive on a frozen lake, wipe your tire treads off with 
bleach before you start. Cleans off the oil from the highway asphalt or 
something, cuz the tires stick like Velcro (tm). Lotsa fun if you just do 
the fronts! :-) :-) "Honey, please stop, I'm getting dizzy"


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