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Big MACs

I had the PROM removed from my MAC-11C the other day and a socket
installed. The original PROM was then placed back in the socket. Went 
out to the car to check it out and it acted very strange, all kinds of clicking 
and dash lights flashing. Made sure the connector was properly connected,
still the same wierd display.

Took the ECU back to the static bench, inspected the board and it looked 
fine. Pulled the original MAC-11C PROM and replaced with an EPROM 
which contains the MAC-11B stock code. Back to the ur-q, and it starts fine.
Runs great too. 

I figgured the original PROM had some conformal coat left on the pins and
wasn't making proper contact. I spent some time cleaning all 28 pins with
alcohol and a x-acto. I then took it over to the EPROM programmer and
it reads all 00s. It appears something happened to the stock PROM, not
sure what though.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has a code dump from a stock 
MAC-11C. I want to do a compare and see what the differences are.
Intel hex or motorola S records are fine.

Dave Lawson
83 urq - w/MC engine soon to be at 2.0 bar