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Techron & Oxygenated Fuel & Slick 50 Admission

  Hi Folks,
       Here in the Northeast US (and lots of other places) we are forced
  to buy oxygenated fuel during the winter months (at least).  I have heard
  the running of oxygenated fuels exacerbates the problem of valve
  If this is true, I suspect the problem would be worse for us 20valvers.

       A:  Has anyone else heard this or have data to back it up?
       B:  I don't use the Techron additive (or Autobahn) now....
             should I?  Especially with, or only with Oxygenated fuels?
       C: Does anyone have a list of major oil companies whose
                       fuels claim to be "valve friendly" as described in

       I recently received a complementary copy of a "men's magazine" named
  after the top floor of some luxury apartment complexes.  This mag (not
  known for its
  technical prowess) had a short article on the fact that the makers of
  Slick 50 have
  finally paid for some very expensive independent testing and that there
  are now many
  SAE papers to back up their claims.  Does anyone know more about this?
  (see some
  of us do read the articles).
       Now the admission.  I used it (the Slick 50, not the mag) every 40K
  miles (annually)
  in my last two cars (a 1984 VW Rabbit Diesel and a 1987 5Ks).  Upon
  adding I
  increased my average mpg by about 4-5% without fail for about 15-20K
  and both cars were retired in excess of 240,000 miles with every problem
  but an
  engine problem.  Neither of these cars EVER burned any more oil at over
  miles than they did at the 50,000 and 60,000 miles that I acquired them
  at respectively.
  I have not introduced this elixer, snake oil, or what have you into my
  90Q20V, but I'm
  considering it under the nothing to lose category.
       Go ahead, make fun of me......what do you folks think?

  Paul Royal
          90 90Q20v
          67 SS/RS 350 Camaro (Ahh, simplicity!)
          90 Suzuki VX800 (V-twin, no waiting)
          88 17, Renken Elite 1700 (120 H/P I/O Merc)

"How's it going Norm?"
"Like it's a dog eat dog world and I'm wearing Milk-Bone underwear"