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200QTW Belt Whine

Been out of touch for many months, but had to turn to my Audi-brothers for 
some advice.
My trusty '89 200QTW has chewed up 3 alternator belts in the last 6 months. 
The last time it happened, I ended up stranded, in the dark and rain, 
waiting for a tow truck. It cost me $130 for the tow (of course, all four 
wheels had to be lifted...)

In any case, the replacement belt is already making that "I'm going to 
break" whine, and it is less than 2 months old. BTW, this belt was purchased 
and installed and the alternator was properly aligned by famous Carlsen 
Porsche-Audi right here in Palo Alto, so I have confidence in the repair.

What do you think is wrong? Do I need a new alternator-is there some sort of 
excess friction? What is up???

Twain (still at tmein@aol.com, using meint@wellsfargo.com)