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Re: 200QTW Belt Whine

Hairy green toads from Mars made Twain Mein say:

> My trusty '89 200QTW has chewed up 3 alternator belts in the last 6 months. 
> The last time it happened, I ended up stranded, in the dark and rain, 
> waiting for a tow truck. It cost me $130 for the tow (of course, all four 
> wheels had to be lifted...)
> In any case, the replacement belt is already making that "I'm going to 
> break" whine, and it is less than 2 months old. BTW, this belt was purchased 
> and installed and the alternator was properly aligned by famous Carlsen 
> Porsche-Audi right here in Palo Alto, so I have confidence in the repair.
> What do you think is wrong? Do I need a new alternator-is there some sort of 
> excess friction? What is up???

Is the pulley properly shimmed to be in alignment? This can sometimes
be a problem. It could also be excess tension, but I find this hard to
believe for three consecutive belts.

If a "real" dealer did it, everything should be aligned; it's an easy
procedure for anyone who knows Audis; shadetree mechanics usually don't
know to do it, so they don't.


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