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Re: 200QTW Belt Whine

> In any case, the replacement belt is already making that "I'm going to 
> break" whine, and it is less than 2 months old. BTW, this belt was
> purchased and installed and the alternator was properly aligned by
> famous Carlsen Porsche-Audi right here in Palo Alto, so I have confidence
> in the repair.

My '89 200q threw two belts within the first two months I owned it ... after
I finally got a parts manual, I discovered there's a second bolt on the back
of the mount that was missing.  Looking at it casually, everything certainly
appeared to be lined up but looking at it closer, it was clear something was
off a bit.  I've since had reason to check out a '90 200T and discovered the
same bolt was missing on it ... given the extra work involved in fitting it,
I have a hunch some mechanics might intentionally "forget" about it.

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