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A4 RH mirror and wind-noise (was: 1.8 v. 2.8)

At 11:06 AM 12/03/96 -0700, you wrote:
> Make mine the 2.8...and make it yellow.

And give me a NORMAL right-hand mirror!! Ugh... I test drove a 1.8T last
Saturday, and I just hate the fact that the right hand mirror is smaller
than the left!! Not only is it cosmetically stupid-looking, but it just
doesn't offer enough visibility. I know that Audi feels that, in theory at
least, since it is convex, it need not be so large, and that they could make
it smaller to reduce windnoise, but IMHO, it was ludicrous to change the
size of it.

I know that it sounds petty, and a bit ridiculous, but I would factor that
into my decision to buy one. I prefer to SEE all around me when I am
driving... and I am very accustomed to the very nice, LARGE mirrors on my
'92 100. My mirrors are adjusted properly, and I use them effectively to
monitor what is going on around me. I see it as a major engineering and
safety BOO-BOO that Audi did this to the A4. I just couldn't get used to it,
and felt rather uncomfortable not seeing the the world over on the
right-hand side. I found it almost useless!! Yeesh, I'm surprised they
didn't delete it altogether!! They probably could have, and it wouldn't be

For a company that it so safety conscious, and believes in active safety as
well as passive safety, how could they drop the ball so badly on this one?
If anything, I would think they would want to make the mirrors larger
(aerodynamically correct, though)!!

Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket mirror replacement? I jokingly
stated to the salesman that I could probably look into manufacturing some,
and selling them to the large number of A4 owners world-wide. What do you
think, would there be enough demand?

OH, BTW, just so that you don't think that I am shallow or ridiculous enough
not to buy an A4 only because of the mirror, I left the dealer not wanting
one (sorry, just my preference) for other reasons as well. I thought there
was excessive windnoise around the windshield (and the salesman insulted me,
asking me "are you sure it was windnoise, and not engine noise?" Uh, duh,
yeah, I know the difference.....), which I found ironic since Audi cut down
the size of the mirror to try to eliminate some of such noise. I don't get
that much windnoise in my car, and found it a bit anhoying.

Also, compared to what I am used to, the interior is too small for me. I am
6'2", about 200lbs, and found it a bit "cozy". Fitting others in the back
seat would be a bit tight as well.

However, I did like the new multi-link front suspension, which eliminates
all that usual heavy torque steer feel. It felt very loose to me, and a bit
dead/numb at times, and would take a bit getting used to, but overall, it
was a nice improvement. I'd like to see them tighten it up a bit with some
more variable speed adjustment at higher speeds (this does have variable
speed steering, doesn't it?).

Without getting into a long(er) post on my driving impression, I will say
that there were things I liked and things I disliked. Overall, the dislikes
weigh out, so I will be keeping my '92 100 for now. I did however, realize,
that I definitely want an S4 or S6. I liked the feel of a turbo motor, and
would love it with a 5-speed, and just basically like the size of the
100/A6/S4/S6 model. To me, the S4/S6 is the ultimate driving machine (oops,
sorry WMB!!).

Anyway, this post is not intended to inflame any A4 owners out there; I just
found that the A4 is not the car for me.

Well, just my $.02.

Happy Motoring.

                             Jim Griffin
                        Maryland, USA
"Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                               '92 100S