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Loyal Coupe Owners: Send you feedback to Audi via their Web Site

Here's a letter which I recently sent to Audi via their Web site
(www.Audi.com).  I know that many of you would like to see a modern Audi
Coupe grace the U.S. shores again.  If you feel the same way, please drop
them a quick email expressing your opinions like I did below.  

You never know.  If they get letters, they might act!  Let's bombard them
with our request for a new US Quattro Coupe or at least just a Coupe.

86 Coupe GT


Please pass this onto the appropriate marketing people.  

I have been a loyal Audi owner (86 Coupe GT) and believe that Audi is about
to let me down.  For years, the Europeans have been getting your coupes and
other sporty models while we here in the US have received wimpy versions of
the European models.  

For the last 5 years, I've been considering replacing my  Coupe GT, but
haven't because I have felt that there's nothing on the market quite like
the Coupe.  The closest alternative is a BMW 3 series.  And for years, I
have dreaded buying a BMW especially a 3 Series because in the US, BMWs
appeal to rich, young kids (including yuppies with an MBA which I have to
admit I have) who buy the car for cache and know little of engineering
excellence (BMW still has not put an oil pressure and temperature gauge in
the 3 Series).  The Coupe Audi exported to the US in the early 90s is a
classic example of a wimpy version of the European model.  A nice car, yes,
but the low end torque/acceleration on my 86 Coupe is far better and the 90s
US Coupe feels ponderous.

So before I decide to buy another brand of automobile, I thought I'd give
you some suggestions from a very brand loyal customer who has been willing
to put off purchasing another brand in hope that Audi would at some point
remember its loyal customers.  Here are some suggestions:

- I hear the S2 has been discontinued in Europe.  We'll graciously take it.
- Mercedes offers a sports package for a modest price (<$1000).  I'd
probably buy an Audi A4 with a sports package before I'd buy a 3 Series.
- Send us any 2+2 coupe (not just a roadster) in addition to the convertible.

Please don't let me down.  I'm trying to give you my money.  I look forward
to your response.

Loyal but only to an extent,
Glenn Kaufman

P.S. I like the Web site.   How about including info (e.g. specs) on the
older cars.