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RE: headlites and misc

From:  Ron Schonscheck[FAX:+1 (303) 670 2424]
Sent:  Thursday, December 05, 1996 10:59 AM
To:  'quattro-owner@coimbra.ans.net'
Subject:  headlites and misc

I tried using hi performance headlite bulbs in my 87 5tq and while they were 
working they were terrific.  I was using, I think, 55/100 bulbs.  Problem was 
that it kept melting the contacts in the bulb holders.  I replaced with new 
socket pig tails twice and then gave up and went back to stock.  I now have a 
91  200 20v and I would like to up grade but wonder if anyone has found a cure 
for the problem.  Obviously problem is connected with the increased wattage.  
By the way just drove nonstop from So. Calif. Back home to Colorado in the 91 
and what a car.  Averaged 23.9 mpg and ran 80 to 90 mph almost constantly.  
The trip included about 100 miles of black ice and snow cover and the car 
handled superbly.  I loved my 87 which was my first Audi but words can't 
describe my satisfaction with this 91.  Thanks for the opportunity to express 
my self and happy holidays to all the Audi owners out there.