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Re: Leaking Passenger Footwell

Mike wrote:
> Ive just been to power wash my car in the lunch break, and when I got
> back to the office, I noticed that the passenger footwell was quite "wet".
> If I remember from a previous disccusion on the list, this is down to the
> bonnet release catch cable or something like that anyway.
> If this is the case, can someone tell me how I fix this, cause my mobile
> phone would look more at home in a goldfish bowl at the moment, and I
> dont really like water inside the car :-(

You don't stipulate the model you drive, but my own 100/A6 experience
and those of some 200 series drivers is as follows: There is a drain
under the plenum under the hood under the dash cluster that can become
clogged with twigs, leaves and other debris over time.  It took my car
four years and 140K to clog up.  Once the drain becomes clogged, water
from a carwash or heavy rainfall will percolate into the footwells.