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Re: Insurance Calls

Christian J. Long wrote:

>As I stated before, I'm not out sue (unless they start trying to screw
me), I just want my car to be ok and the insurance company to take care of me
and my car.  Any more advice out there????????

Please help me guys<

My advise is to NOT sign anything without consulting a lawyer.  You can bet
7-11 consulted their lawyer.  Also, if the cars smell weird in any way, try
to get a new one.  I don't care how nice a car is, I would never buy a
smelly one no matter how cheap.

But in my opinion this is really a matter of negotiation.  There really
isn't any question that 7-11 is responsible for the incident.  The question
is how savvy you and they will be in resolving this situation.  It is to
good business to made you happy and avoid publicity and some possibly very
costly legal fees.  

My advice is to do some serious thinking about what has changed in your
life, what this incident has so far and may eventually cost you.

Best of Luck,