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Re: X Country in an S4

>>I need to get my 1992 S4 with 45K miles on it from Portland Oregon to Bethesda
>>MD. I'm going to be out of the country so I can't do it myself.

Darin responded:
>Hmmmm... I'd be willing to bet ya that the 'retire' Bob Meyers
>would LOVE to drive your S4 across this wide 'ol country for ya! 
>Ehh Bob?   ;)

Um.. If Bob's too busy, I'd be *more* than thrilled to lend a hand. :)
Fly me out there... pay for the fuel and some food(not much), and you have a

                              -Osman Parvez (always lookin' for that freeride
                                            especially when it comes to
				89 200q (156K miles) 
                                Siena College
                                Albany NY