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Re: Sears DieHard(Die Easy)

After 15 months of playing around with intermitent dead batteries, and I 
do want everyone to know that I replaced the alternator, after-run 
sensor, checked for shorts, etc., etc., etc.,
I installed an Interstate and for 2 months now I have been trouble free.

Sears was always very nice, they replaced the battery at least 4 times 
(were they new?), checked my electrical system for themselves on 3 
ocassions, what it seems to come down to is the Sears battery didn't have 
the guts to handle my cars electrical demands. 

To all the people who have had no prblems with Sears - thank God.

By the way, since my battery was still under warranty, I got a full 

87CSTQ5 - 104,000
A great car, a great hobby!