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Re: Sears DieHard(Die Easy)

I must give Interstate another vote of confidence from a happy and
satisfied customer.  I replaced my old battery about 2 years ago (can't
remember which brand - a cell had gone bad) with one from Interstate. 
Never had a problem with it starting the car in freezing weather, nor
after a month of storage, nor after draining it completely for
accidentaly leaving the lights on (on two ocations).  On each of these
two ocations, a jump start and a drive home from work was all it took to
bring it back to life.  I must say that it is a rather big battery
that's sitting in the engine bay of my car now, but, none the less, it
has been rock-solid reliable all this time.  YMMV

Luis Marques 
'87 4kcsq

"Len Ferrara<lsf@Intac.com>" <lsf@Intac.com> wrote:
> After 15 months of playing around with intermitent dead batteries, and 
> I do want everyone to know that I replaced the alternator, after-run 
> sensor, checked for shorts, etc., etc., etc., I installed an 
> Interstate and for 2 months now I have been trouble free.