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Interesting ur-quattro problem

John Robinson, the treasurer of the UK quattro Owners Club, reported an 
interesting problem tonight.
His engine cut out on the way home, displaying the usual symptoms (only he 
didn't know this) of a broken inlet manifold chassis bonding wire.  He called 
his wife, and she towed him a couple of miles home.
He called me - I instantly identified the cause of the problem, and he went out 
to discover that a wire had fallen out of the connector exactly where I said.
But then the car wouldn't start.  A few more minutes remote diagnosis 
established the reason - all of the cylinders are literally full of fuel.

As is the sump.  It looks like the entire contents of the petrol tank got into 
the engine.

The car was towed with the ignition switched on and no fuses or relays 
removed.  Yes, I would have pulled fuse 13 or the fuel pump relay.  But the 
system should still not have flooded the engine unless something is wrong - 
like bad control pressure or leaky injectors.  But _gallons_ in a ten-minute 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club