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Quattro (TC ?) being parted out.

Saw this on r.a.marketplace - wasn't sure if it was a ur-q,
but may be of use to someone :


p.s : I'm not affiliated in any way with the owner or the car.

I have a white'84 Audi Quattro in excellent shape except for engine fire
which destroyed most of the engine components - engine may be O.K.. Both
body and interior are in excellent shape except for hood which
experienced flame damage. The car has 4 good tires with the orginal Audi
cast aluminum wheels, clutch was replaced approximately one year ago. I
am located 70 miles due south of Washington, D.C. in King George, VA. I
am interested in receiving bids for someone to take complete car.

Fred Perrine
540-653-3186 (office)
540-775-9156 (home)
jperrin@nswc.navy.mil (office email)
fred1234@crosslink.net (home email)
540-653-7706 fax