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1989 200Q FS (fwd)

There is a 89 200Q FS advertised in the Washington Post.
The ad appeared this morning and I spoke to the owner. 
Here are the particulars of the car if anyone is interested

119,000 miles.
new PS pump, Master and Slave cylinders
fairly new tires
Original (!) timing belt.
PA not replaced (owner unaware of its existence)
CC control unit replaced three years ago.
All electricals work :) except for drivers seat heat
Small leak from the steering rack.

The car seems to have been fairly well maintained
at a dealer and an independent mechanic with annual
tune-ups, etc (from what the owner tells me). This
seems like a good deal for someone looking for a 
200Q, especially since some of the known problems
have been addressed.

Oh..Reason for sale : Wife and kids want a minivan :)
In fact I spoke to the wife first, and she says that
she doesn't really like driving the Audi - it's more
of a "man's car" :)

You could look up www.washingtonpost.com for the ad, owner's contact

No affiliation with owner or car here - just passing on the info
..hope this helps someone.

85 VW Scirocco